Consultancy Services

Diagnostic Site Inspections, Advice on Disputes & Expert Witness provision

We offer a consultancy service to professionals and home owners who have identified a potential problem of dampness, fungal decay or insect attack of structural timbers in a building.

We will carry out a thorough inspection of the problem areas, inside and out, taking measurements and samples as necessary. We have laboratory facilities available to us for off-site determination of moisture content, both total and hygroscopic, salt contamination, plaster mix proportions and sand grading. Timber analysis can be arranged if necessary, to determine fungal decay or insect species, or preservatives. Dataloggers can be used to show temperature and humidity variations over time.

From this information, an accurate diagnosis of the cause of problems can be made. This will then allow specific advice on control measures necessary to be given, which will usually lead to substantial savings in overall treatment costs.

The factual and impartial information gained in a thorough inspection can be used for an expert opinion for litigation purposes. We are familiar with CPR requirements.

Misdiagnosis occurs regularly, leading to unnecessary and expensive repairs and use of chemical treatments on inactive infestations. These can be avoided by employing an independent specialist.