Independent Surveys

There is an increasing demand for truly independent advice about dampness and decay in buildings, particularly for home owners or buyers. Building Surveyors may or may not have depth of knowledge in these fields, and builders know about building, rather than diagnosis of problems. Inspections by contractors with a commercial interest in carrying out works are being increasingly regarded with suspicion. Some are objective, others are not – and the owner or buyer has no way of knowing which.

Les Hill has no affiliation with any contracting companies, manufacturers or suppliers, so is able to give a truly independent opinion.

Our inspections include an external inspection from ground level, to identify obvious external defects, and internal inspections for dampness, decay and insect attack. We use not only Moisture Meters, but also Hygrometers, surface thermometers, an endoscope (to look into hidden areas) and an anemometer (to measure airflow – eg through extractor fans).

Many problems have external causes, some of which have been repaired, but the aftermath may still exist. Our reports will identify causes of problems found, and if they are not obvious we will say so and recommend further specialist inspections. Our reports are required to be legally accurate and professionally presented, and can be used for competitive tendering. For use of reports for expert witness purposes, see Consultancy Services.